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The result is the employment of the best candidate for the job. Are you looking for a new employee? We will find the right match!


Get the right employee for the job

We offer clients a professional and honest dialogue about solutions and opportunities, resulting in saved resources in the recruitment process and optimization of the individual team/department and existing employees.

Search & Selection

We relate critically and purposefully to specific areas of industry, as recruitment of professionals, requires an in-depth professional insight. Our services are therefore based on all levels of the following areas:

  • Accounting and Economics
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Property management
  • IT


Executive Search

The success of your company is closely linked to the employees and managers working in the company.

Finding and selecting the right candidate for a senior management position is a strategic task of great importance to your company's future. Therefore a professional and targeted recruitment process has great value for your business.




Peopleinsync offers assistance to responsible and professional companies who wish to support employees after their end-of-contract in finding new career paths.

We help businesses and employees get through organizational changes by facilitating; that both the organization and the employee(s) are helped on towards a new future.



"Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af at være igennem et rekrutteringsforløb hos Cecilie.

Lige fra den første telefoniske kontakt til underskrivelse af ansættelseskontrakt har forløbet været nærværende, relevant og professionelt. Cecilie har formidlet sin omfattende viden om både kunden og jobbet, som har levet op til mit eget indtryk ved efterfølgende møde hos kunden. Derudover har Cecilie støttet op og vejledt mig kyndigt undervejs, og processen har været i en konstruktiv, åben og positiv ånd.

Jeg kan kun give de varmeste anbefalinger af Cecilie."

- Thomas Laursen, Danmark

trust star

Why choose Peopleinsync?

PEOPLEINSYNC offer clients, customized solutions and work on many levels inside both Danish and foreign companies at home and abroad.


We work seriously and professionally, with focus on the individual assignment and aiming to convey the right resources to each individual task.

We respect the individual and work with targeted and open communication, where mutual trust and respect are crucial to the success and development of human relationships.