A professional CV and LinkedIn profile can help you secure your dream job

When companies selects candidates to do an interview, it is largely based on the submitted resume and application or your LinkedIn profile. Therefore, it is essential for you that you can present yourself the best possible way with a clear desciption of your experience, your skills and the results you have made in previous positions. We will personally guide you through along the way and turn your profile towards the job market and the wishes you have for your next job.

We offer the following solutions, all of which can be customized to your exact needs.


Do you need help to prepare for a resume, we will help you get the best resume foundation from the start.

To create a link between the experience you’ve gained and the kind of jobs you want to seek, can be a challenge. In our process, we will ensure, together, that your experience, skills and the results you have achieved, makes you appear more professional and manageable.


Do you need to optimize your resume, we will help you with the analysis and suggestions for improvement.

A professional assessment of your resume with suggestions for content improvement and setup. Our consultant will analyze your resume and will talk about improvement and the steps needed to get a professional but personal resume.


Do you need LinkedIn optimization, we will help you to present you the best way possible.

We will help you optimize your profile on LinkedIn, to make your profile look more relevant to the searches made by companies and headhunters. When the headhunters seeks for new candidates, it will ensure your profile will look interesting, professional and relevant.

Our consultant will initially analyze and evaluate your profile on LinkedIn and then discuss the suggestions and actions the could be relevant to implement, with you. It is possible that you will have to define short formulations during the process so you will end up with a strong professional profile.


Do you need to be well prepared for you next job interview, we will help you to prepare.
The feeling of being well prepared and mentally equipped during a future job interview, will make you relax better and your best self in a crucial situation.

We offer professional counseling and sparring in relation to your practical and mental preparation for the job interview. We will focus on your personal presentation of yourself and your skills in relation to the current job interview you are called to.


We will start with your situation and challenges, and then put together som encounters that meets your current needs. A process of career clarification ensures that the experience and value you have accumulated is preserved and further developed through advice on the right career choices.

With the career clarification, we can include business tests, career models, motivational analysis, sales tests, personality tests and much more. But furthermost, we will always focus on the goal you’ve set for your career.


The process lasts a total of 3 hours, and counseling will be based on personal attendance.

Price DKK 2700,00 incl. VAT.