Once you are hired as a temp through PEOPLEINSYNC, you are not employed as salaried or under agreement. You are hired as a temporary employee at the hourly rate, which means that you are employed under some special conditions that you must be aware of. Below you can read more about what happens when for example you want to terminate your employment or is dismissed, if you want to spend your vacation, gets sick or is on maternity leave.

Flexible termination

Once you are hired as a temp, you can basically terminated from day to day. This is partly due release requirement from your unemployment insurance fund, which means you should be able to be available for employment if a more permanent job would appear.

As a substitute, you are in other words free to terminate your position with one day's notice, should you desire for new challenges.

This means of course that you can be terminated at short notice from us, but just as we encourage an open and honest dialogue about you and your future plans, we try of course, also, where possible, to inform you in due time in case of a termination. If we have matching tasks, we will help you on to a new temporary assignment.

Holiday pay and holding

As a substitute you will not get paid holiday, but you earn vacation pay for applicable rate. Holiday pay is currently. 12% of your salary which PEOPLEINSYNC will pay to the danish FerieKonto each month. You can get holiday pay paid to the following leave year beginning with 1st May

When employed in a shorter temporary position is expected that you do not hold your holiday during the temporary contract. If you have already scheduled vacation during

temporary contract this must be disclosed and approved before job begins. For longer temporary employment agreement of the leave in the workplace and PEOPLEINSYNCmust only be informed of the organization.

Sickness and maternity benefits

As a substitute you will not get sick pay or maternity leave, but like everyone else, you are entitled to sick pay and maternity pay. Your sick pay paid by the municipality for the first 8 weeks of your employment, but then it PEOPLEINSYNC paying your sick pay at the current rate. Going on maternity leave, it's municipality that pays your maternity benefits.

When you need to report illness or maternity leave to the municipality helps PEOPLEINSYNC your course of reporting, so you get as little extra work out of it as possible. Be aware that the municipality has an employment requirement that you must meet before you are eligible for sickness and maternity benefits.

Employment requirement means currently that you must have worked at least 120 hours within the last 26 weeks before your illness or maternity. If you do not meet the employment requirement, you can not receive benefits from the municipality, and you should instead contact your unemployment insurance fund to find out whether you are eligible for reimbursement in connection with disease.

Your social wellbeing

Once you are hired as a temp through PEOPLEINSYNC, it is PEOPLEINSYNC, which is your employer, even if you have your daily walk and work somewhere else. We at PEOPLEINSYNC makes sure that you enjoy it and feel good in your employment. We therefore call for you at regular intervals to ensure that everything remains as it should be and that you are happy and satisfied.

We also encourage you to contact us if there are factors at work that does not meet your expectations, or if you have any other problems you can not resolve directly with the workplace. In these cases, PEOPLEINSYNC acting as an intermediary between you and the workplace, ensuring that both you and the workplace are pleased to collaborate, and that this good cooperation to continue going forward.

Your development

At PEOPLEINSYNC we have great understanding that the job as a temp, may not be, what you want to continue.

We feel that our temps are permanently appointed in a temporary position, but this does not happen, we try, as far as possible, to support them to introduce you to functions from other clients for a permanent appointment, and you're obviously welcome to seek new challenges.