Your business success depends on your employees.

The search and recruitment process is typically extensive and time-consuming, and clarification and coherence of candidates' professional and personal skills can be challenging, especially when the rest of the business continuously moving.

Peopleinsync is pleased to provide comprehensive knowledge and experience in regard to helping your business in the search of the right employee. We can, in close cooperation with your company, take care of either part of- or the full recruitment process. A good recruitment process ensures that the right candidate is initially found for the job, and helps to avoid large costs from failed recruitment.

We focus on working in close dialogue with our clients, and we work focused, targeted and efficient with respect for our clients and candidates' time and needs.

Confidence, discretion, and confidentiality are crucial factors during and after the recruitment process.

The Flexible recruitment process

Depending on whether your company needs parts of- or the full recruitment, our process consists of up to 9 steps.

1. Preliminary analysis

In cooperation with representatives of the company, we ensure a clarification of the business needs and make an expectation in relation to the profile to be employed. We also summarize which tests are helpful in relation to the process as well as which advertising is to be put into use. The dialogue forms the basis for the search profile and for the work we subsequently put in the recruitment project.

2. Search

Then follows advertising and a focused and efficient search process where we seek the best suitable candidates for the position. The process includes reaching out to candidates, screening of  candidates and inviting the best suitable candidates for interviews.

3. Interviews and references

The best suitable candidates come to the initial interview with us in our offices, and through the meeting we ensure a thorough understanding of both experience and results, and partly the candidate's thoughts and motives for seeking the position. If there is still a good match between the candidate and the position to be occupied, a process begins, where references are obtained from past executives, employees, collaborators, etc.

4. Presentation

Based on interview and references, we create a written presentation of the candidate that will be continually updated, throughout the process, and shared with the client for evaluation. 

5. Interview

The company has interview with selected candidates.

6. Test

Selected candidates are offered to answer the tests (selection of tests is clarified at the initial meeting). Candidates solve assignments and / or answer test questions either at home or with a consultant, depending on the test, and subsequently the candidate receives feedback on tests.

7. Selection

The company chooses a candidate, and Peopleinsync happely offers assistance in this regard. Peopleinsync updates all candidates after the process has ended.

8. The candidate starts working at the company

The company and their new employer starts the cooperation.

9. Follow up and evaluation

In a final dialogue between the customer and Peopleinsync, an evaluation of the process is made. The same happens for the new employee and Peopleinsync. Peopleinsync then provides follow-up to ensure that everything is as i should be.