If you want a profile analysis and sparring on the candidate's professional and personal parameters, we have authorization in the use of personal profiling tools.

PEOPLEINSYNC uses profile analysis tools as a call tool for staff selection and team composition. We provide person profile analyzes to elucidate an overall assessment of the candidates and should be perceived as a hypothesis-generating tool that can help determine how the candidate will likely respond to a specific job in the particular company.

Testing of personal profiles is beneficial for companies seeking a deep insight into who is hired and what types of jobs they find will find themselves the best, also beneficial to candidates in terms of feedback and insight into their own profile.

Master Management: Master Person Analyse

Simple and effective online test and 1 hour interview that illustrates your preferences, strengths and weaknesses in three areas: Ego Drive, Social Factors, and Work Style.


Our consultant assists in analyzes and assessments of candidates and offers motivation and thought tests among several personality tests.

Testing candidates who can positively give an understanding of candidates' deep motivation and interests in work, the candidate's competencies in specific tasks, as well as indicators of how your business can create the best framework for the successful candidate to thrive in the environment, to work for good results and adapting employee.

Master Management: ACE – Adjustable Competence Evaluation

A potential test that reveals the individual's cognitive LAR score - Logical Analytical Reason. The scores are used to create match between candidate and job content / complexity level in assignments.


Identification of personality type can also be aimed at investigating which personality features are particularly typical of the individual and what implications it has for the collaboration with other people.

A type of test that can be very useful in the composition of the most beneficial teams that can properly compliment each other and achieve good results and well-being.

Master Management: EASI

A typology test with 4 types; The Enthusiasts, The Organizer, The Analyst and The Supervisor. The test measures the typical behavior and motivation in a professional context. Good for teambuilding.